AT&SF Operations Manager Job Description

Purpose: Manage operations, logistics, staff, and customer experience for all divisions of the Albuquerque Tourism & Sightseeing Factory (AT&SF).

Skills and Qualifications: The ideal candidate will demonstrate outstanding customer service skills, incredible organizational skills, excellent communication skills, familiarity with Albuquerque history and modern culture, ability to accept constructive criticism, ability to stand/walk for long periods of time, professionalism, public speaking, punctuality, and willingness to work evenings, weekends, and some holidays.

Job Duties:

  • Manage all day-to-day logistics for AT&SF tours and events
    • Monitor ticket sales and successfully operate ticketing software
    • Respond quickly to inquiries via email, voicemail, and social media
    • Box office management (organization, supplies, cleanliness)
    • Update hours of operation on voicemail recordings/TripAdvisor/Google/Facebook pages/AT&SF websites as changes are made
  • Staff coordination
    • Interviews, new hire paperwork, and new hire training
    • Schedule creation, communication, and updating
    • Provide coaching, training, and support for staff
    • Coordinate staff and manager meetings
    • Create a supportive atmosphere for staff and serve as primary liaison between managers and team
  • Payroll
    • Review staff timesheets for accuracy
    • Prepare reports for owners and accountant
  • Assist with sales and marketing initiatives as needed
  • Content generation
    • Update and maintain content for web pages, blogs, newsletters, etc.
    • Promote tours on social media, website, newsletter, calendars, etc.
    • Develop employee training materials
  • Tour development
    • Create new tours and update existing tour content as needed
    • Provide feedback to improve tours and operations
    • Serve as primary or backup tour guide when necessary
  • Provide all aspects of an outstanding customer experience
    • Regularly respond to TripAdvisor reviews across tour divisions
  • Maintain professional relationships with local businesses and organizations
    • Coordinate donation requests
  • Serve as an ambassador for AT&SF and Albuquerque at all times


This position is part time, and hours may vary weekly. Interested candidates should send resume and cover letter to

The Albuquerque Tourism & Sightseeing Factory (AT&SF) is independently owned and operated.